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Why Quality Content Matters in Digital Marketing

Due to the rise of the Internet, social media, and technology, digital marketing has become a critical tool for marketers to use in building long-lasting relationships with consumers and increasing brand equity. Through digital marketing efforts like SEO, email marketing, or social media, marketers have the keys to unlock different facets of their consumer’s needs, allowing them to provide these individuals with the right message at the right time. Now, regardless of the type of marketing effort in focus, one key factor that should never be overlooked or underestimated is content.

Content is the core of all digital marketing efforts, and marketers should strive to generate quality content that engages not just platform algorithms but consumers as well. Quality content provides a brand with a range of opportunities that can leave lasting impressions among consumers in a way that impacts its overall success in obtaining key objectives, especially as the digital space continues to evolve. To gain a clearer insight on this topic, I asked five marketing experts about their personal thoughts on why quality content matters in digital marketing.

Here is what they had to say:


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“Content is a trade offering in marketing. Your content is also a reflection of your brand. Throughout a lead’s journey they will either establish trust or they won’t, they will judge your brand and they are absorbing information on how to solve their problems and make purchasing decisions. Arming them with knowledge and confidence in your brand is the goal of producing content, and that requires quality. For every piece of content, I create I ask “Does this piece put my brand’s best foot forward? Does it clearly provide an answer that positions my brand as an SME?” If the answer is no, then it needs a rework.”

Fallon Chattaway, B2B Marketing Operations Manager


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“Generating quality content has become the basis of current digital marketing. It best adapts to new digital communication tools, making it easier for companies to comply with the critical success factors when having an online presence: SEO, Quality, and Virality. Users give more and more importance to the quality of the content they consume. Therefore, for a content strategy to be effective, companies must generate relevant, valuable, engaging content, connecting in a few seconds with users.”

Stephanie Angelino, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Growth-X


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“Quality content is the fuel of digital marketing. And quality is defined from the perspective of your target audience, whether we’re talking about brief copy for social posts or ads, medium-length copy such as blog posts, or long-form copy such as white papers and research reports. Are you answering their questions? Solving their problems? That’s the essence of high-quality content — and effective digital marketing.”

Mary Ellen Slayter, CEO of Rep Cap, a B2B content marketing agency


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“High-quality content is the pinnacle of success for any modern marketing approach. Whether your business goals are to generate revenue or drive high-funnel demand, content serves as the vehicle in which your brand’s message will be delivered. By producing content that is value-driven, engaging, and authentic brands can cultivate long-term relationships with their customers at every stage in the funnel and even beyond transacting. Doing so helps businesses build long-term brand equity that improves their return on investment (ROI) and helps position themselves as leaders in their industries.”

Kevin Portela, Creative Director at CreativeCore


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“Capitalizing on timeliness is critical for organizations to get their message across. Corporate culture and adaptation to the new reality in a post-pandemic world will be essential to establish trust internally and externally. Quality content, but more importantly ensuring that corporate values are relevant to today’s demands will ensure survival.”

Yanyn San Luis, Professor of Marketing at FIU and Founder of The Win Woman


As reflected by these marketing professionals, quality content is, in many ways, the backbone of digital marketing. It plays a huge role in ensuring that clear, relevant brand messages are sent to target consumers, especially if the objective is to drive value, build relationships, and influence purchasing decisions. As Chattaway mentions, content is the driving force behind a lead’s perception of a brand and can be the critical factor in determining their complete trust in a brand’s authority. It’s highly imperative to remember competition is an inevitable aspect of the overall business world. With the rise of social media and technology use, many consumers are bombarded by countless marketing messages on a daily basis. If a brand’s content lacks the quality that drives value, it can interrupt a customer’s journey, leading them to find solutions to their problems through competitors who stand out.

Of course, creating quality content is easier said than done. Quality content requires a meticulous combination of detailed research and strategic planning to effectively facilitate the flow of communication between brand and consumer, particularly one that cultivates lasting relationships. Timeliness is also a key player in the effectiveness of messages contained within a piece of content. As San Luis points out, this will include messages geared toward what is now termed as “the new normal” that are also infused with core corporate values, which can boost a brand’s trust and relevancy in this post-pandemic landscape. Chattaway and Slayter both bring up excellent points—quality content is fueled by the perspective of the consumer, so it helps to have their pain points and queries in mind so that all content that’s generated is helpful or meaningful in some way. By incorporating these qualities into content, brand messaging will be able to resonate with audiences, further safeguarding any developing connections and attracting potential leads.

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