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How to Use Data Visualization for Your Marketing

Presenting your data is an important part of the marketing process. As marketers, we often need to analyze and present data to others in a manner that’s understandable. In fact, as many as 76% of marketing leaders make their decisions based on data analytics. We may use data to create content, analyze possible industry trends, or provide proof for an argument.

By choosing the right data visualization (or dataviz), we can communicate our findings effectively so that it drives home the point we want to make. Here are a few ways you can use effective data visualization to engage your target audiences.


  1. Consider your goals.

According to Scott Berinato’s article on Harvard Business Review, if you want to use data visualization, you need to consider two questions:

  • Is your information conceptual or data-driven?
  • Are you stating something or exploring something?

You should also consider your audience and what you want to attain with your dataviz. Once you think about these questions, you can begin plan out how to bring your data to life. It’ll also help you keep focus so that your data is always relevant and digestible for your audience.


  1. Pick the best data visualization.

After considering your goals, you can pick the right data visualization for your marketing communication purposes. You may choose to use an infographic, graph, chart, or even a map to present your data. As Berinato writes in his article, keep it simple. Don’t try to adorn your data visualization with needless embellishments, especially when the setting does not call for it.


  1. Don’t forget about context.

Setting context to your data visualization helps strengthen the message you’re trying to present. This includes adding clear and concise labels, adding a title, inserting appropriate colors, and adding a color key to give context to any colors you use.


When done right, data visualization can boost your marketing communication, which can further aid your marketing efforts in the long run. Remember to use these tips while planning and creating the best data visualization for your specific objectives. If you would like more useful tips about boosting your marketing efforts, be sure to read other posts on my blog to learn more.

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