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How to Eliminate Noise in Your Blog Content

Communication is a key part of the human experience. In its most basic model, communication typically involves a person or entity encoding and sending a message to a receiver, who must then decode it. Whether you’re texting friends, posting on social media or ordering food from a drive-thru, there’s always a constant flow of communication that guides us through our daily activities.

Unfortunately, today’s world is incredibly fast paced. It can be easy to lose focus and allow noise to interrupt the rhythm of daily communication. When it comes to blog content, this can be tricky—there must be an intent behind each post that resonates with your target audience. To make your blog content stand out, you must cut away all the noise and enhance the ideas you want.

Here are few ways you can eliminate noise in your blog content:


  1. Hone your voice.

It’s important to know and hone your brand’s unique voice so that you can properly display it across all platforms, including your blog. Remember: noise comes in different forms that can affect the way you develop ideas and encode your intended message. For example, if you run an IT support company, it may be inappropriate to use a playful tone of voice in your content, especially if your target is to reach other businesses. Even the smallest inconsistencies can confuse your audience and distract them from your original intent.


  1. Use appropriate images.

Like words, images can impact your blog content. By providing an engaging photo or a relevant graph, your audience will be able to decipher the message (and intent) in your blog post more clearly. Of course, images are also vulnerable to noise. Just using the “wrong” kind of chart or picture can throw your audience off. If you’re planning to use a graph, infographic, or a chart on your blog, I recommend abiding by two ideas: (1) Say what you must say without misleading your audience and (2) choose the best format to display your data.


  1. Change your blog formats.

Sometimes, the way you format your blogs can create noise that prevents your audience from connecting with your content. For example, if your blog posts don’t contain subheadings that organize your information, it will be difficult to read. You can build a strong connection with your audience by changing the formats of your blogs. This process doesn’t need to permanent. Instead, use your analytics tools to identify what type of blog formats resonate with your audience the most. Some of the most popular blog formats you can use include “How To” guides, list posts, and galleries.


The next time you start developing your content, always consider noise (and how to get rid of it!). You can implement any combination of these strategies to eliminate noise, grow your readership, and achieve your marketing objectives.

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