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How To Create Engaging Facebook Ads

To say Facebook is one of the top social media platforms today is an understatement. Currently, Facebook has 2.91 million active users worldwide—and it’s still projected to grow. This presents a number of advertising opportunities for your brand.

However, in order to obtain results and reach your respective objectives, you need to be clever in how you produce your Facebook Ads. Just sending out an ad and hoping something sticks won’t help in the long run.

One of the key things to consider in Facebook advertising is targeting. All aspects of your Facebook ad copy and design-wise should be created with your audience in mind.

Through Facebook’s advertising features, you can target custom audiences (existing customers), locations, behaviors, and other specific characteristics that pertain to your target audience.

Along with targeting, you can also implement the best practices for Facebook advertising to make the most of your ads. Here are a few key tips to create engaging Facebook ads:


  1. Make use of visual images.

Whether it’s videos or images in your Facebook ads, it’s a good idea to implement visual elements. Videos should be in vertical form to allow your ad to cover your audience’s screen when they come across your ad. You can also add several images with the carousel feature. This allows users to scroll through different images in your ad, giving users a sense of your company’s products or branding.


  1. The less text, the better.

When people use Facebook or Instagram, they’re not usually there to read long captions or paragraphs about your brand. Instead, they’re more likely to scan different posts and go about their day.

As such, it’s crucial to keep your ad messaging clear and straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush. Get your ad’s message across so that your target audience is able to digest it and take their next step.


  1. Refine your CTA.

One of the most important parts of your ad is your CTA (call-to-action). Your CTA directs your target audience to take action, whether it’s to click on a link or subscribe to your newsletter.

To test out what copy works best for your target audience, make sure to perform an A/B test with varying CTA buttons. Through an effective A/B test, you can see which ads encourage your audience to perform the next action.

Creating and distributing an engaging ad on Facebook can be a challenge, especially if you’re just starting out. But as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect and the more you practice Facebook ads, the better they will perform. As marketers, it’s important to keep our audience in mind when putting together our ads so that we achieve our objectives.


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