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How to Create a Strong SWOT Analysis For Strategic Planning

Behind every great business is a strong marketing strategy. Most marketers take the time to thoroughly research every aspect of their company, including history, social media presence, and even competition. After research is done, there’s one important element that must be performed: analysis of your findings.

For most business strategies, one of the most respected tools to use is a SWOT analysis. You can think of it as in-depth examination of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This internal and external evaluation of your business’s critical factors allows you to identify, revise, and sharpen your business strategy.

Some of the ways you can build a strong SWOT analysis include:

1.Consider your business objectives.

Your marketing plan should have a main goal. Include these objectives in your SWOT analysis to help guide you in making informed decisions and evaluations within your strategy. 


2. Make sure you’ve collected sufficient data.

Search for information about every aspect of your business, including social media presence and published media articles. It’s important to note what others are saying about your company and its offering so you have a clear picture of its impact within its respective market.


3. Pay close attention to your competitors.

Your competitors can provide various insights about your own company. Make sure to take a close look at how your competitors are doing by searching their social media sites, website, news articles, and other findings.


Creating a successful SWOT analysis can be overwhelming, but with the right question or goals in mind, you’ll be able to maximize on its benefits. Take the time to analyze your findings so that you can make the most of this useful tool and achieve your marketing goals.

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