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Building A Digital Video Content Plan Draft: Tips for Content Marketers

It’s decidedyou’re launching your first ever video content promotion campaign. As a content marketer, you’ll be embarking on an incredibly exciting venture that’ll help you achieve various key objectives.

From increasing engagement to getting your marketing messages across, video content is an essential tool for helping you communicate your brand to your target audience. And you’re not the first content marketer to use video content to its fullest potential.

According to Social Media Week, 88% of marketers are planning to invest more in video content in their future campaigns. Another 86% of marketers reported on Wyzowl that their video efforts have helped them increase traffic to their website.

Clearly, there are a ton of benefits that come with video content so there’s a chance your video content and promotion efforts will be a fruitful opportunity.

However, like all marketing plans, it’s important to create a draft that gives you an idea of who to target, what the purpose behind your video is, and other key details. It’s tediousI know but doing this one step will determine the success of your video content plan in the long term.

In this blog, I’ll explore tips and tricks that can help you build an effective draft for your video content and promotion plan.

Let’s get started.


  1. Get to know your target audience…well!

You already know it’s crucial to identify your target audience. Almost every marketing blog will tell you how important it is to “know” your audience…but do you actually know your audience well?

You should always ask questions about your target audience so that you’re able to fully describe them. What are your target audience’s interests, beliefs, desires, pain points, and skills? What type of media do they consume regularly? Do they watch videos to get the information they want or need?

Don’t just stop at behavioral and demographic information. Knowing your audience’s location is just one piece of the puzzle. Of course, if you only know surface-level information about your audience, try to get to know your audience by talking to them and asking them questions.

Doing this step will assist you in your video content creation process and the copy you choose to use for your marketing messaging.


  1. Determine the purpose of your video content.

So now that you have your target audience set, the next part is determining the overall purpose of your video content. This is easier when you know your target audience well. It should start with one single question: what do you want to educate your audience on?

With this question, you can refer to your audience’s pain points and desires. What value does your video provide for them? Why should they stick around? Remember that you only have 10 seconds to garner your audience’s attention.

Therefore, keeping your video’s purpose in mind will help guide the design, language, and even the promotion efforts of your video.


  1. Decide how you will promote.

Promoting your video content plays a big part in its success. However, it isn’t a good idea to choose a random social media platform, launch your video campaign, and hope for the best.

Doing this will only cause your video content efforts to fail—and you don’t want that. Instead, think closely about your target audience and what platforms they use.

Do they use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or any of the other popular social platforms? Are they frequently posting on online forums like Reddit? What type of copy will you appeal to your audience? What call-to-actions (CTAs) will you use to encourage action? Will you use Google Ads? What is your strategy for that?

These may seem like extra details but they’re necessary to think about as you draft your video content plan.


So now you have an idea of what to include in your video content draft. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect the first time around. You may need to rewrite your draft a few times before you decide to finalize it. I also recommend gaining some feedback from close colleagues for any insights on how to improve your draft. It’ll come in handy when you’re making revisions.

And if you feel like giving up, don’t. It may seem like a lot of work but remember that launching a video content campaign without a clear plan you’ve deeply considered is like jumping on a bus going anywhere: it seems like fun, but you might end up getting lost in the end. Your draft is your starting point so get ready to begin planning!


Branding strategy comes with many challenges. To learn how content marketing can help your brand strategy efforts, check out my blog, Brand Strategy Challenges and How Content Marketing Can Help Overcome it for more information.

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