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3 Ways that Traditional and Digital Media Can Be Used Together

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again—the digital revolution has taken the marketing world by storm. From digital analytics to social media, digital devices, trends, and tools are everywhere you look. And there’s a reason why: it just works better!

Digital media allows marketers to reach their target audiences efficiently, make changes in their campaigns, and measure performance on a set time period. Having this information allows you to develop, run, and measure each of your campaigns to ensure they meet your desired objectives.

In fact, according to WPForms, inbound marketing (which utilizes digital media) performs better than outbound marketing (which uses traditional media), with companies receiving 55% more traffic through blogs than other forms of marketing.

So you may be wondering: why are we even talking about traditional media at all?

Well, just because digital media has revolutionized marketing doesn’t mean you should throw away traditional media. A good marketer uses a combination of both types of media to make the most of their campaigns.

Here are 3 ways you can leverage traditional media and digital media together.


  1. Expand your ROI.

Remember that traditional media involves old-school marketing efforts like TV ads, billboards, and newspaper ads. Despite their decline in the last few years, traditional media is still an effective way to reach new audiences and expand your ROI.

For example, a study from Nielsen says that streaming shows only make up 26% of TV so the other 74% are actually watching normal cable TV. That’s a number you can’t ignore. Successful marketers will dedicate an appropriate amount of their budget to TV ads so that they reach potential customers watching regular TV.


  1. Repurpose traditional content.

Traditional media costs a lot of money. There’s no doubt about that. However, there are ways you can be cost-effective with your traditional marketing efforts. For example, along with creating and running a Google Ads campaign about the latest wellness program your brand is offering, you can also create brochures and posters about it so that anyone visiting your business location can learn about it.

You can even personalize your traditional media content for each of your target segments. Of course, this is a little tricky but with the help of digital tools, it’s definitely possible. Based on each of the target segment’s needs you gathered from digital media, you can create traditional marketing content that is unique to each customer.


  1. Reach all aspects of your customer base.

Traditional media is the best way to reach a broad customer base. On the other hand, digital media allows you to narrow down customers to one specific group (or groups) that would be interested in your brand’s products and services. If you combine both forms of media, you can reach different sides of your customer base.

For example, companies like IKEA and AVON still send catalogs to their customers about their products. They also use digital media like social media and effective website campaigns to bring in paid traffic. This combination of different media helps engage customers, which can lead to higher conversion rates.


Using both traditional and digital media can be a challenging task but it’s worth reaping its benefits in the long run. Of course, the examples I provided above are just a few ways that traditional and digital media can work together for the success of your campaigns.

The best way to learn how well traditional and digital media can work together is to try it yourself! Start working with digital and traditional media in your marketing efforts and see the difference it makes in your campaign’s performance.

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