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3 Ways AI is Changing Digital Marketing

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it’s safe to say that technology has evolved in the last couple of years. These advancements have vastly transformed various aspects of our lives, particularly in the way we communicate with each other. In the marketing world, technology’s influence has left a sizable imprint as most, if not all, marketing efforts are being performed on a digital platform. Like marketing, technology is constantly changing to further improve different processes and assist humanity with everyday tasks.

One of the newest technology trends is artificial intelligence or AI. While the term “AI” often brings up images of talking androids in sci-fi movies, the truth is most of us have already come across some form of A.I. in the last few years. According to Builtin, artificial intelligence is best defined as a branch of science that’s concerned with creating machines that can perform tasks within human-level intelligence. Voice assistants like Siri or website chatbots are great examples of useful A.I. that have helped us complete an action.

Fortunately for marketers, AI is not only great at answering our questions or reminding us of a task—it’s also changing the way we perform our digital marketing efforts. Here are three incredible ways artificial is evolving digital marketing…for the better!


It makes predicting consumer behavior easier.

AI technology is advanced enough to utilize data from consumers in a manner that aids how marketers accomplish their marketing objectives. In fact, AI is incredibly helpful in predicting consumer behavior, including their purchasing habits. Depending on the software in use, AI may use a form of analytics to achieve this type of data. One AI that can predict consumer behavior is Salesforce’s Einstein, which allows marketers to use consumer data for predictive analysis and improve services or products. By accurately predicting consumer behavior, you can create effective marketing strategies that provide consumers with a pleasant brand experience.


It enhances the overall user experience.

One of the ways AI is enhancing the user experience is through chatbots. According to Chatbot, as many as “74% of users prefer chatbots while looking for answers to simple questions.” There’s a reason for this. Chatbots are simple and straightforward in solving consumer problems within minutes. If implemented correctly, chatbots can also be personalized enough so that they can carry out normal human conversations. What’s great about AI like chatbots is that they can be used in websites, emails, and even text messages.


It helps marketers provide answers to consumers.

The advancement of AI has also led to the evolution of voice search. Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are revolutionary because they provide marketers with countless opportunities for website optimization. With the right keywords, content, and consumer data, marketers can leverage their websites for voice-based search so that any consumer searching for a related product or service will be directed to their respective brand.


AI offers benefits and opportunities for digital marketers. Although it can be intimidating at first, it’s worth taking the time to fully learn it. If you aren’t using AI to enhance your marketing efforts, you are missing out on a multitude of features that can vastly improve your marketing strategies. Remember: without AI, you risk falling behind other marketers, especially as the world continues to rely on technology.

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