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3 Issues You Might Face When Developing Your Content Strategy

Content strategy is the key foundation of content marketing. It is the process of how you will manage your content to engage your target audience and reach your objectives. Without an effective content strategy, your content marketing efforts will lack a central foundation, especially when it comes to repurposing your content for your marketing channels.

Remember that the purpose behind your content strategy is to get your brand’s message to the right customer at the right time. By developing a content strategy, you will be able to define your goals, objectives, and priorities for all aspects of your content marketing.

Of course, creating a content strategy isn’t a walk in the park. There are several obstacles you may face during the development and planning of your content strategy—some of which may leave you scratching your head.

In this blog, I’ll review 3 important issues you may face when creating your content strategy. See if you can recognize any of these in your content strategy creation.


  1. Not knowing who your target audience is.

Many new businesses spend their time developing and producing their products or services, which isn’t a bad thing! However, it’s important to remember one essential thing about anything business-related: customers don’t buy products, they buy benefits.

If your customers don’t know how your products or services will benefit them, they won’t be likely to make a purchase or show any interest. An exceptional content strategy takes your customer’s pain points and mindset into consideration each time.


  1. Forgetting to create content in suitable formats.

Diversity is an essential part of a successful content strategy. Unfortunately, many businesses choose to make only one type of content format. This prevents them from leveraging so many opportunities they could gain from a mix of image and video content.

If you’re investing time, effort, and money in your content marketing efforts, make sure your strategy includes ways to utilize the different forms of content formats. This can include repurposing content into other forms.

For example, you can create a blog post that you can later repurpose as an infographic, video, or podcast. Use every piece of content to the fullest,


  1. Not including measurements for ROI.

All marketing efforts need to be measured for performance. This is especially important when it comes it comes to content marketing. However, with most of the attention going to content creation, it can be easy to neglect to measure your content’s ROI and performance.


If you aren’t measuring your content’s ROI and performance regularly, you won’t know whether your content is effective at reaching your target audience. Therefore, when creating your content strategy, make sure you include monetary value for each piece of content and use tools like Google Analytics or SEMRush to measure your content’s performance.

It’s not easy to overcome challenges in your content strategy. Being aware of key issues helps you understand what you’re facing, how it can affect your content marketing efforts, and ways to overcome them. Customers are in need of your expertise and wisdom about questions within your industry.

Your content should be able to answer these questions and establish your brand as an authority figure within your industry. A well-thought-out content strategy will help you achieve these objectives and beyond!

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