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3 Google Ads Challenges That Marketers Face When Creating Ads

Google Ads is a tricky beast to tackle, especially if it’s your first time using the tool to create ads. However, it’s not impossible to master. As marketers, it’s important to overcome the typical challenges that come with Google Ads. While there are numerous advertising platforms and methods that you can use, Google Ads provides various benefits that the others don’t. This includes higher reach, full campaign control, and quick results. By confronting common Google Ads challenges and using them to benefit your campaign goals, you open the doors to helping you or your client’s brand grow and succeed within a market.

Of course, the trick is knowing what challenges you and other marketers should watch out for. On this blog, I list 3 Google Ads challenges that most marketers face when they’re creating ads. Let’s take a look at each:


  1. Defining your business with limitations. In order to capture your audience’s attention, your ads must be engaging. Unfortunately, there are a couple of limitations you may face, such as character limits for headlines and descriptions. If you’re running an ad campaign on YouTube, your headline’s characters need to be capitalized in a certain way. For example, you can not try to “be creative” and make a headline like “5 WaYs To MaKe A ViDeO” without YouTube detecting it as spam. Therefore, within these character limits, your ads need to define what your business offers and have a CTA (call-to-action) that moves your audience to do something.


  1. Ensuring that your ads have a target audience. Another challenge that marketers face with Google Ads is ensuring their ads have a target audience in mind. As with any aspect of marketing, you need to research your target audience to understand what they might be interested in. With the right research, you can use the right copy and keywords to create an ad campaign that brings in traffic.


  1. Optimizing your ads for search. Optimizing your ad campaigns requires…effort (to say the least). When you begin launching your campaigns, you may need to alter your bids, change certain keywords, and testing different variations of your ads. Remember not to stress over it; marketing involves lots of trial-and-error. Optimizing your Google Ads will become easier to manage with practice.


Handling Google Ads seems like extra baggage work, but I promise you it’s worth your while. Along with extensive research, creating effective campaigns with Google Ads also requires patience and effort. If you have trouble writing good copy for your ads, don’t worry (I’ve been there!). Open a Word Processor and start a draft. Make sure to write a few drafts of the best copy you can create. Afterward, you can revise, picking apart the needless details until you have 3 variations to use. What’s important with Google Ads is that you start somewhere. Be realistic, be patient, and you’ll see the results you want!


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